20.05.2022—20.05.2022, 18:00—20:00

Drinks + Performance/talk between:

During Art Rotterdam we would like to invite you for drinks and a performance/talk by Aldo E. Ramos and Rolando Vázquez.

The exhibition Spinning the Spindle Towards Pluritopia is centered around a communal living space, where our trajectories entwine with one another and the earth. The exhibition, which came together through conversations and collaborations with local communities in Spangen, is an invitation to learn from ancestral knowledge, to walk a decolonial path and to break free from the universal story of modernity where life is seen as an object. How do we move together towards life in plurality with the earth as living territory, living memory?

Rolando Vázquez is assistant professor of Sociology at University College Roosevelt of Utrecht University in The Netherlands. His research circles around three interdisciplinary topics: ‘postcolonial thinking’, ‘visual social experience’ and the ‘critique of modern time’. His work brings together a variety of fields such as: critical theory, continental philosophy, post-structuralism, decolonial thinking, visual studies and aesthetics. He has written about Coloniality, Modernity, the Critique of Modern Time and Photography. He recently published Vistas of Modernity – decolonial aesthesis and the end of the contemporary (2020).