20.02.2022—28.02.2022, 13:00—14:15

Winter School

In the winter of 2022, A Tale of A Tub is organizing a Winter School for children aged six to twelve from Rotterdam, with special attention for our own neighborhood, Spangen. The Winter School is composed of different workshops conducted by artists, among Semâ Bekirović and Katrein Breukers. The spoken language of the workshops is Dutch.

The Winter School program focuses on the research question; Who is the artist?
The participating children will get to work on their own but won’t act alone. In every part of the program they will get asked to create an artwork together with another, unexpected, creator.
The influences of water and light can act as unexpected creators but also all the ways in which animals influence their environments. In this way children will be encouraged to get curious about all the things that bring change into the world around us.

Galaxy of trinkets - Semâ Bekirović

The bowerbird is a bird focused on collecting all kinds of beautiful colored trinkets for its nest; flowers, seeds, but also plastic lids and other stuff people have thrown away in the streets. The bowerbird loves to use them as building materials.

During this workshop we’ll be looking for these beautiful things people have left behind in the streets of Spangen, with the same curious eye as our bowerbird. After collecting our treasures we’ll build beautiful constructions, like a birds nest, or a tiny galaxy. We’ll photograph the artworks ourselves in a small photo studio.