A Tale of A Tub

The Ground Up And The Washed Down
July 8 – August 28, 2023


curated by YIN YIN WONG

It started with the body. The body—sore and bruised from working on the docks from dawn to dusk—was washed and restored here.

Over the past hundred years, the bath house has been transformed into a monument containing an art space. It is here, now, that we understand the body to be a proxy of the celestial body that is our planet. Hidden in plain sight, the slow, all-consuming grind that establishes our comfort continues steadily.

In The Ground Up And The Washed Down we, the heirs of the grind, draw from its extracted residue. What can we learn from what’s left behind? What do we see when we lift the ground up? What do we feel when we sense with our entire body? How has time washed us down and how do we make space for restoration once more?


YIN YIN WONG is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher dealing with the ramifications of Western Modernity, with in particular its effect on the lives and cultures of those who fall outside of its narrow paradigm. Through their practice they speak to dominant frameworks that extract labour from the working class (immigrant) body while simultaneously depleting the world of its natural resources. Yin Yin was an artist in residence at Jan van Eyck Academy (‘20 – ‘21). Recently their research surrounding the Dutch-Asian diaspora was presented at Natasha, Singapore Biennale ‘22 and their film ‘Lotus Flowers’ screened at the Venice Biennale ‘22. Later this year they will exhibit new work at Framer Framed, Amsterdam; CHAxART, Rotterdam and Wei-Ling Contemporary, Kuala Lumpur.


The Ground Up And The Washed Down and A Tale of A Tub’s Open Call for Exhibition Proposals are conceived in close collaboration with CBK Rotterdam. The exhibition is additionally supported by the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Mondriaan Fonds.